GCH CH Ironquest's Almost Persuaded NJP CGC
3/27/11 - 1/16/22

Previously known as "Spice", she was the 6th puppy born. She caught my eye early on, but it was really around 8 weeks that she convinced me she was my CH MACH BIS in the litter. I hope she was right! :)
While I know I *do* have high expectations for her, she's proven so far to be a quick learner; she enjoys my silly games; and torments Dareya endlessly. I think she will fit in here just fine!
Tease is all grown up now and while she didn't get to be my MACH BIS dog, she has shown her love for the whelping box. I'm so proud of her "C" litter and look forward to seeing what she can produce in the "E" litter. She is my constant companion, spoiled rotten, and I'm not sure which of us loves the other more. 

Tease achieved her Grand Champion in November 2019. In October 2019, she was added to the Otterhound Club of America Registry of Merit as an Outstanding Dam when her daughter Dita completed her Championship, providing the required 5th Champion offspring for Tease. 

She will enjoy her retirement!

Sadly, we lost Tease on 1/16/22. She left this world the same way she did everything - on her own terms. She passed while enjoying a snow storm. Tease loved storms of every type - she would always want to lay out on a bed in the yard in the middle of storms - thunder and lightening just made it more enjoyable for Tease. Her presence is sorely missed, but I am lucky to have her daughter and grandson here to carry on her legacy. My sweet and sassy Teasey-Pie, always loved and missed.

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