12/19/1997 - 6/16/2008

My first Otterhound, Tony (VOCh CH Scentasia's Ironman VCD1 TDX CD RA OA AXJ NAP OJP CGC) was born in December 1997. Tony was a challenge but he enjoyed life to the fullest. My agreement with him was that we would try something and if he didn't enjoy it, we wouldn't have to continue. I spent his lifetime looking for something Tony didn't enjoy and never found it. He taught me much about dogs, life, friendship and unconditional love. He led me into veterinary school and changed my life in many ways. 

Tony was the first Otterhound to get any AKC agility titles and I was very proud of him to finish his Excellent Jumpers title. He also won Best of Breed at Westminster in 2001 with me handling him. Tony double qualified for the Otterhound Club of America Hall of Fame by achieving his TDX title (tracking dog excellent) as well as his excellent agility title. 

Tony had epilepsy, a disease I found out was common in Otterhounds after he started having seizures. I was happy he lived a full life, and his seizures upset me much more than him.

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