5/24/12 - Odyssey has been bred to two boys. Once pups are born, we will DNA test everyone to see who belongs to which dad. My plan is that the first pup born will be the "B" litter, along with it's full littermates; the remaining pups will be the "C" litter. Exciting times here at Ironquest!

6/15/12 Update: Odyssey is pregnant! I expect 8-10 puppies on 7/23; but we will xray her on 7/19 to see how many are cooking.

7/23/12 Update! Pups are here! We welcomed 6 boys and 3 girls today, all black and tan. Now the "Who's your daddy" game commences! Pictures to come as soon as we all recuperate.

I am also happy to report that all (potential) parents in this litter have their CHIC numbers, which means that they have had the health testing appropriate for the breed as well as making those results public. We will only be able to improve the overall health of our Otterhounds if everyone works together!

9/8/12 - UPDATE!! The DNA is back and ALL pups were sired by Rufus. While we're excited to have Rufus' pups here, I'm sad we didn't get any from Noah. I'm sure Noah will go on to produce some lovely pups in the future. My sincere appreciation to Michelle and Ken (Noah's family) and Betsy and Donna (Rufus' family) for their help and support in getting this multi-sired breeding done.
One of the boys used was CH. Houndville Admiral Ley CGC "Noah". Noah was bred in Germany from English parents and imported to the US. He has not yet sired any litters here, but his siblings have been bred in Europe. Noah finished his breed Championship at a young age. His hips were evaluated as "Borderline", his elbows are NORMAL and his GT test (bleeding disorder) was "Clear". His health information can be found here.

Noah hanging out at home.

"Rufus" CH. Scentasia's End of an Era CGC, was the other happy participant. Rufus has both of his majors towards his Championship and is hoping to get those last 3 points before his pups are born. Odyssey and I are confident that their pups will be beautiful regardless of whether he gets that CH or not!

6/29/12 Update: Rufus was awarded an additional 5 point major and his Championship. He remained cool about it and isn't sure what the fuss is about...  On 6/30/12, Rufus earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate. Breeders/Owners Betsy & Donna (Scentasia) inform me that they will continue to add titles to his name so I will have to continue to update this site. I say BRING IT ON!!!! :)

Rufus received a GOOD evaluation on his hips, has NORMAL elbows, and tested CLEAR for GT. Rufus' health information can be found

Rufus the week before breeding.

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