Puppies from the A litter are listed below. I just can't seem to take their pictures down - so they will stay. Other puppy pictures can be seen in the web albums on the left side of this page.

The first born, Yellow Girl. Call name Squirt. Sadly, we lost Squirt during the night of 3/29.

#2, Pink Girl. Call name Pink (she's a rockstar!)

#3, Green Boy. Call name Splash. He was always the one to make sure Tiny Tim was warm.
#4, Red Spot Girl. Call name Yardley.#5, Purple Boy. Call name Spot.

#6, Spice Girl. Call name Spice.

#7, No collar Girl. Call name Mini-Me, aka Naked Donna.

#8, No collar Boy. Call name Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim joined his sister, Squirt, on 3/30. Both pups will remain in my heart forever. 

#9, Striped Girl. Call name Twizzler. She's the biggest of them all.

#10, Light purple Girl. Call name Velvet.

#11, Orange Boy. Call name Crush.

Surprise #12, Brown Boy. Call name Buster, aka Big Ole Buster Brown. He hasn't stopped eating yet.

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