7/23/12 - 8/11/20
Honey, GCH CH Ironquest's Bit O'Honey, left Ironquest at about 8 weeks of age, then came back occassionally to be shown. In June 2015, she came home for good. We're working on agility and tracking with her - her nicknames are "Miss Inquistive" and "Lil' head". She has an incredible sense of humor and makes me laugh daily. 
Here she is at 6 weeks....
And again around 3 years old...
She won an Award of Merit at Westminster Kennel Club show in Feb 2017.

Sadly, we lost Honey to hemangiosarcoma in August 2020. She had just turned 8 years old. We also lost her sister, Maggie, to the same horrible cancer in May 2020 and a brother, Rowley, succumbed to hemangiosarcoma in November 2021 (more than a year after diagnosis!) Brother Augie was lost suddenly in June 2021 after a fight with malignant melanoma. All of these special dogs are sorely missed. 

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